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  • RADiCAL Inspiration from Diane

    RADiCAL Inspiration from Diane

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Whose fault is your divorce?

Is This Divorce My Fault?

My ex-husband made it seem like our divorce was my fault.  “If I had ……yada …. yada …. yada.”  During divorce, even many psychologists advise us to try to see our o... »

facing fear during divorce

Facing Your Worst Divorce Fears and Foes

During my divorce, I read lots and lots of books.  Not just divorce recovery books, but business books because I was trying to build my business so I could support myself.  Here’s something I ca... »

Change Happens During Divorce

Are You Changing During Divorce?

I was at the bookstore a while back doing research about creative ways to make my Divorce Recovery Seminars, Conferences, and Boot Camps even more more helpful and effective.  I came across this great... »

fear and divorce

Defeating Fear During Divorce

It’s Halloween.  I don’t know about you, but seeing all these little kids in their costumes is such fun!  Not that many years ago, several of my youngest grandchildren came over to show me... »

Stop Blaming After Divorce

How to Deal With the Pile of Rubble After Midlife Divorce

A divorce, especially a divorce at midlife, is like a huge wrecking ball that comes out of nowhere and leaves you sitting in a pile of rubble that used to be your life.  It’s a huge life-alterin... »

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