Choosing Your Power Woman

During my divorce, I felt anything but powerful. I felt weak and sad and confused and discouraged. I worried that because my kids and friends saw me cry they would see me as weak. I also worried that all of that advice I gave other people about faith and trust in God went temporarily underground when I was in the middle of my own personal catastrophe.

But I’ve learned something important though my divorce. Strong women do cry! Women with deep, strong emotions do fall apart occasionally. We feel deeply. We grieve deeply. We expect a lot of ourselves, and we worry when we fall apart. But when I looked at women I admired, they all had difficulties worth crying about and situations that were devastating and hard. But they were over-comers. Strong women grow stronger through struggles … even though the hard stuff they face sometimes demand some sobbing and screaming to get through.

The secret is, they keep going. They always get back up. They keep believing and achieving great things in spite of the obstacles. That’s why it’s good having strong Power Women to look up to for encouragement.

I had amazing women to look up to in my own family. My mother came from very, very difficult circumstances. Her father died when she was a teen and her mother had lots of physical issues, so my mom was in a position of helping make money for the family by picking cotton and filling in for her mom with her siblings. They always had enough to eat and that was a blessing, but her main source of strength was her spiritual confidence.

I also had a grandmother who lived through the depression and the dust bowl in a sod house on the plains of the Midwest. The book Pioneer Women tells a bit about all of the obstacles these strong women had to overcome. That side of the family also had a vibrant spiritual base that enabled them to keep on keeping on.

In choosing your own Power Woman, you can choose from anywhere. There are real-life strong women in every family and in every country’s heritage. Strong female role models are in movies, in books, or even in stories we watch on television. There are power women in your community. Maybe it’s a neighbor or a friend from church.

Whomever you choose to be your role model, you can mentally ask yourself, what is it I admire about her? How can I find courage for my own life from her story? In the comment section, let us know who you choose as your Personal Power Woman and why.

  1. I have many but for today I will use my neighbor! I chose her because she was always upbeat and supported me on our walks. I would not understand my husband’s actions and she would help me look at things in different angles. My neighbor has been through many hurtful and difficult life situations and has become a very strong woman. Even through her own difficult struggles she always found time for me. I admire her for all the work she has done to help her become the amazing women that she is.

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  2. It’s amazing who comes into our life at just the right time. And when someone is that person for us, it encourages us to pass it forward and be that person who mainly listens but who also shares the wisdom and encouragement she has experienced on her own journey! Thanks for sharing your Power Woman … and let’s all be motivated to be someone else’s Power Woman even when we are facing hard things ourselves!

  3. I chose my mother as the power women. My mom was only 10 years old when her mom passed away. She was the youngest out of 9 siblings and live from house to house. Yes she always remained grounded and was able to accomplish so much in her life with many obstacles through her life. That has always given me the confidence and courage to keep going no matter what happens in life.

  4. I have many inspiration women I can think of that are on my list but I think my top “Power Woman” is my best friend, Sarah. She is truly a unicorn! She has faced so much adversity, hardship, turmoil, and abuse is her life, yet she is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known, inside and out. She has been such a shining light for me and I thank Spirit everyday for bringing her into my life. Her confidence, her strength, her positivity, her unconditional love, her huge heart – she truly is inspiring. She has been a great strength and confidante for me during my divorce, easily the hardest moment of my life. I don’t know where I’d be without her. 💜

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