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I have been separated from my husband for almost three months, and thought I had accepted the fact that he was cheating and after trying to make it work, in the end he chose someone else. Today was the first time that I had a really long phone conversation with him, and found myself trying to convince him to come home and resolve our issues […] View
  • @blondie-southside It is hard for me to accept after 26 years of marriage. I have been going through this process for 9 months and still have mixed emotions.

    • I feel the same, it’s been a year since DD and I filed for divorce in early June 2020, and still having mixed emotions after 41 years of marriage. I know there is no going back. Hurts like heck, I cry, get strong, cry again the continue to move on. It’s all we can do and inch by inch we get stronger. We can’t do this alone, thank god for this…[Read more]

      • He keeps texting me to see how I am doing. He even bought me a new radio and speakers for my car two weeks ago. The counselor tells me not to answer to his text. It is hard for me not to do so. I didn’t answer his last text when he asked if I got into the apartment and how I was doing.

        • Kobe, I’m sorry I do to know your story, but is he wanting to get back together or what? Are the two of you trying to make it work. I so, have you discussed this with your counselor? I suppose you have to follow your heart and be logical of the reality of what is going on. God Bless you.

          • The counselor said he feels quilty that is why he keeps texting and buying me gifts. He doesn’t want to get back. He is 9 years younger than me. I think he is going through a mid life crisis.