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    • Don’t let your WAS do that. You had good memories with him in your town. That was before all this happened. He was your man then. Now he is someone different. I’m presuming that it reminds you of the pain of the divorce, throw it out but I think that gives him power. Maybe you should replace it with something new from your town. Another nick knack or plate for your new journey. Don’t give that WAS anymore power. He’s taken a lot already. Everytime I get on that memory rollercoaster, I thank my lucky stars I’m out of it and can find new memories, happy ones. You are free to do as you please now. Remember freedom gives you opportunities to be a happier you. You don’t need to be anything else but yourself. And one day you won’t even think about the was anymore you will think of your last vacation or holiday or birthday. The good memories will replace the bad ones pretty quickly.